Finger whip-finish - step-by-step

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A step at a time:


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Finger whip-finish


Step 1
Finger whip-finish - Step 1

Place your index finger and your middle finger against the thread.


Step 2
Finger whip-finish - Step 2

Lift the bobbin and form a thread loop around your fingers.


Step 3
Finger whip-finish - Step 3

With your middle finger, catch the thread coming from the bobbin and bring it to the right, outside the hook eye. Together with your bobbin hand, position it parallel to the hook shank.


Step 4
Finger whip-finish - Step 4

Here's your whip-finish tool, with your index finger in the role of the whip-finish tool's top hook, your middle finger in the role of the bottom hook... and your wrist in the role of the handle.
Now, while rotating your hand 180 degrees clockwise, bring the thread coming from the hook up with your index finger and trap the thread coming from the bobbin against the hook shank.


Step 5
Finger whip-finish - Step 5

Complete the wrap with your index finger by bringing the thread down on the back side.


Step 6
Finger whip-finish - Step 6

At this point this type of "handle" has reached its limitations and cannot be rotated further. In order to continue wrapping, the hand must return to its initial position. So start with bringing both sides of the loop back down under the hook.


Step 7
Finger whip-finish - Step 7

Rotate your hand 180 degrees counterclockwise, allowing your fingers to switch places in the loop. When this is done you'll be back at where you were in Step 2, able to "continue by starting over"... so to speak.


Step 8
Finger whip-finish - Step 8

With your middle finger, catch the thread coming from the bobbin and bring it back out to the right, forming the same kind of thread triangle as in Step 3.


Step 9
Finger whip-finish - Step 9

Then start a new wrap with the thread coming from your index finger...


Step 10
Finger whip-finish - Step 10

... and complete it.


Step 11
Finger whip-finish - Step 11

Let's say you have done another 1-2 wraps and it's time to finish the knot: Pull the bobbin and the loop around your fingers will start to tighten up.


Step 12
Finger whip-finish - Step 12

When it's getting crowded in the loop, pull the middle finger out of the game and continue tightening up.


Step 13
Finger whip-finish - Step 13

Let the thread leave the last finger by sliding down the tip of it, where you will have the thumb ready to trap it. This little loop often gets a life of its own when set free, so you want to keep it under control and as an open loop tightening up between your fingers.
You can also use the closed scissor blades instead of your finger to be able to follow the loop all the way until it closes. It will not spoil the "one less moment" idea, since you're still going to use it after tightening the knot. (Maybe you've had it in your hand the whole time.)


Finger whip-finish - Step 14

There!! Loop is gone... whip-finish done.



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